About us

About us

The committee of the fan club is as follows:

Thomas Reuteler, finances and controlling, president

Silvia Jockel, internet/e-communication/merchandising, direct marketing

Thomas Kaul, events and vize president

Bettina Müller, back office and memberships

Karin Krieg, fan club magazine

Doris Löffel, fan club activities


We offer a platform for the exchange of information and for the coordination of all activities to the fans.

Support Roger Federer
We support Roger Federer and his social and charitable engagement.

We promote und support the establishment of fan clubs all over the world.

Roger Federer is an example to us and we meet everybody with fairness and respect as he does.


The fan and its interests are in the centre of the club activities.
We support Roger Federer’s social, charitable and sporty affairs.

Roger Federer

We support Roger Federer as a sportsman and respect his privacy.

We honour the achievements of his opponents by fair play and corresponding behaviour.

Communication / information
We inform the fans, Roger Federer, his partners, sponsors and media in an honest and direct manner.

The committee members support each other in every respect and for reasons of conscience.